Basfiber for Fume Suppression Pipe .

Basalt Fiber Tech Pty Ltd and Chemco Specialty Coatings Australia partnering in Sustainable Engineering Solutions. has successfully overcome the challenge to revitalize 25 years old corroded steel Pipes  .

A combination of  BasfiberWrap® and BasfiberMat®  provided unique chemical , mechanical, insulation, and durability properties, ideally reinforcing the demanding application which required resistance against high temperatures, acid ,alkali and solvents.


The Basfiber®  alternative on the project provided a long term sustainable corrosive solution to  the owners with major economical benefits when compared to the original conforming engineered design of Carbon fiber.

Basalt Fiber Tech provides a wide range of engineered  Basalt Textiles  that can be applied to concrete and steel pipes.

Chemco Specialty Coatings Australia  successfully applied BasfiberWrap®  with their RB300AR series products as described below:

Industry: Steel Manufacturing

Date: October 2014

Substrate: Externals of Conical Sections of 6mm wall pipe sections


Environment: Abrasive Coke Breeze ranging in temperatures from 60-100̊

Challenge:Inspections found wall thickness to be worn internally after 25 years in service. This was prevalent immediately beyond the weld from the straight sections in the concentric reducers.

Solution:Critical areas to be identified by NDT for the application of the RB 332AR & Alumina Tiles. BasfiberWrap® was chosen over Carbon Fibre due to its natural characteristics providing a combination of improved temperature and abrasion resistance.

Application of RB 332AR & Alumina Tiles
Pipe Pic1
Externals illustrating erosion damage

Scope:Mechanical Clean and solvent wipe. Trowel application of RB 332AR to the externals.Application of RB 332AR on the weld lows to ensure a firm bed for the tiles to be laid on.Application of Hex Alumina tiles using the RB 332AR providing an abrasion resistant adhesive.Application of BasfiberWrap® Tape and BasfiberMat®  using RB 300 Series and top coat using RB 300AR Final top coat using RC 500GTC

Results: Replacement is no longer necessary with an extended life expectancy of 15 years+.

BasfiberWrap Application
Final topcoat of RB 332AR & RC 500GTC




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