Basfiber and Chemco long term Sustainable Solution

Industry Steel Manufacturing

Date November 2014

Substrate Internals of small diameter pipe.

Products Chemco International – InD-Cote Top coat using RP 500 AR

Environment – Abrasive Coke Breeze temperatures up to 60C.

Challenge – Existing pipe lasts 4 weeks in service before a hole appears and valves an estimated 18 months service.

Chemco’s Solution – A new addition to the Chemco International range, illustrating further coating advancements based on research and development, we now have InD-Cote; a Ceramic Bead Filled High Temperature epoxy, designed to provide protection to aggressive sliding abrasion applications, reinforced with a wrap of woven BasfiberWrap®  and top coated with RP 500 AR.

2014-10-16 09.00.29
Internals illustrating erosion damage and rebate
2014-10-17 07.41.12
Abrasive blasted and primed internal and external
2014-10-17 07.41.06
Basalt Fiber wrap Applied to externals InD-Coat internal

Scope- Machine rebate on flanges. Abrasive blast to AS 1627.4 as per Chemco requirements. Application of InD-Cote and top coat using RP 500AR.

Application of BasfiberWrap®  using RP 500 AR Series Machine coated rebates

Pipe re-installed after 2 days now ready for service

Results Based on the success of previous applications with a combination of  Abrasion Resistant composite systems using BasfiberWrap® in abrasive environments a solution was sought after using the Chemco range of products and expertise.

After regularly replacing these sections of pipe on a monthly basis the plant maintenance team are very happy with 9 months of service and still going.

Stay tuned by sending us an email if you want to find out more.




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