Experimental research on strengthening of concrete beams by the use of epoxy adhesive and cement-based bonding material

Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP), as externally bonded reinforcement, is a very beneficial technique to repair and strengthen reinforced concrete (RC) members. This technique is used in a number of applications to increase the shear capacity of structural beams.

This feature is achieved by applying e.g. Basalt fibre reinforced polymer (BFRP) that is glued to the RC concrete member with an adhesive. The most common adhesive used for strengthening is epoxy.

There are some limitations with the use of epoxy adhesives, including poor fire resistance. Therefore, other adhesive was used to strengthen concrete beams in flexure. Cement-based bonding material would be beneficial to produce strengthening system that is fire resistant, also it significantly lowers the cost of retrofitting on existing structures.


Source: Basalt.today – Independent information and news web-portal, that publishes popular science articles, dedicated to manufacturing technologies, application, and research in the field of products produced from basalt raw materials and basalt-based composites.

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