DK Surfboards Innovates with Basfiber®

Dean Kennedy from DK Surfboards is doing a great job innovating with our Basfibertex® products for surfboards.

‘As I glass my surfboards using Epoxy or Polyester resins and laminating with the varieties of Basfibertex products, they have managed to wet out really well…

…When laying out the Basfiber® onto a variety of surfaces, curves and edges, it bonds accordingly and does so without furring up when being worked on, so as a result using a lower quantity of resin to wet out the areas of foam and fibre.’


   He is so satisfied with Basfibertex® that have done himself a high-end board:

“My own new board, a 6’1″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4” DK Surfboard retro and modern mix. Various fin choice depending on the surf conditions & my bloody conditions on the day. Made from Basfiber®, 2 on the bottom, 2 on the deck plus the extra rail band to help the stringerless eps blank laminated with epoxy resin. Have also made up a 6 1/4″ Basfiber® Single fin to try out the properties and tension of the fabric. Strong and light, very happy with it.”


‘With my team riders testing out the surfboards made with 100% Basalt Fiber Tech products, I have noticed it gives the boards great memory, flex and compression tensions throughout the use and manoeuvres on the waves. Helping to keep the riders Basfiber® surfboards in great form and not loosing the positive responses and drive.’

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